L2K Logo 32 Princess Street
M1 4LB
Tel: (0161) 2445566
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm Everyday

L2K Gaming is an internet cafe tailored towards online video gaming. No need to setup LAN parties, just pop on down to challege your friends at one of the many games available.
We currently have 25 PCs, all equipped with a web camera, headphone and microphone.
We are open everyday from 11am to 10pm.

Our rates are:
Non-Members:     £2 / hr
Members:     £1.50 / hr
Printing:     10p / page

Non-members: £1 for the first 30minutes then 50pence for every 15minutes afterwards.
Members: £10 for 30days membership giving you a discounted rate of £1 for the first 40 minutes and then 50pence for every 20 minutes afterwards.
Black and white printing is available at 10pence per page.